Some things never go out of style, like handmade real wood furniture. There are a few pieces of wood decor that are timeless and can make even the largest most opulent houses feel cozy. Find out what makes handmade wood rocking chairs, cabinets, and benches a quaint addition to any home.

Rocking Chairs

Even though Benjamin Franklin is often credited with inventing the rocking chair, its origins date back to the 18th century when Franklin was only a child. Rocking chairs were commonly used as features in English gardens. In the United States, you might see rocking chairs on front porches across the midwest and south. In fact, the popular down-home chain restaurant Cracker Barrel is famously known for having rockers for guests to sit in outside while waiting for a table.


Handmade wood cabinets can also be a special feature in a bedroom or living room. The term cabinet can also refer to dressers, wardrobes, hutches and sideboards. Each item has a distinct use that’s notable by its features. For example, a wardrobe may be taller in stature and have room to hang long dresses or full suits. On the other hand, a hutch can be used in the living room or kitchen, and it often has a counter-like. These items can be hard to find new, but luckily, a master furniture maker can produce handmade originals.


Many people might think benches are just for picnics or other outdoor settings. However, modern homes include bench seating as an alternative to the typical dinette set. This is particularly helpful to large families. In addition, settees can add rustic charm to the home, and have a functional use. Stylistically, handmade wood benches are a distinctive touch.

These authentic country furnishing can be just the thing to make a house a home.

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