You’ve found the perfect new horse and are eager to bring it home. Even if you already have farm animals on your property, there are a few things that horses need that other animals might not. Having these items in place and on hand before you bring a new horse onto your property will help the transition go smoothly.

1. Secure Fencing

Horses are not like some other farm animals because they have relatively thin skin. No, they don’t get offended easily (at least most of them don’t), but they can get seriously injured on rough edges or barbed writer fencing that is perfectly suitable for cattle. Some people opt for electrified fences for horses, but you had better be sure you have a backup power source in case the electric is out. You will also need to check the current on a regular basis to ensure it is working. It’s worth looking at portable cattle panels and piping can be assembled into a sturdy fence design that is perfect for keeping horses safe.

2. Proper Shelter

The conditions your new horse is coming from will affect what type of shelter you need to install. Some horses are perfectly content to seek shelter under a thick tree in bad weather, while others are accustomed to a climate-controlled barn. Most fall somewhere in between. An enclosed area barn or shed where horses can get out of the rain, wind or snow is usually sufficient. Line it with bedding and keep it clean to keep your horse healthy.

3. Tack Essentials

You don’t need to clean out the tack shop for a new horse, but you will want some gear that is exclusive to this animal. A few items you’ll want to have on hand when you get started include:

  • Lead ropes
  • A Halter
  • Brushes and a hoof pick
  • A blanket for cold weather

With a secure fence, shelter from the elements and proper gear in place, you are ready to welcome a new horse into your home.

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