Looking to add more style and personality to your home? There’s no better place to do just that than in your outdoor space. Here are three ways to incorporate architectural elements into your landscaping design for maximum visual effect.

1. Add a Fire Pit

Attractive fire pits are custom architectural elements that will instantly add drama to any outdoor space. Artist-made fire spheres are unique fire pits that cast dramatic shadows when in use. Give your outdoor spaces a warm glow by placing one of these on a patio or any level area of turf.

2. Install a Garden Arch

When placed within a lush garden, an arch adds instant height and a new dimension to a landscape. Luckily, it’s not hard to build a wooden garden arch from scratch – it’s a project that can be done in a weekend. Once you’ve built your arch, select a suitable spot in your garden. To encourage plants to grow up and over the arch, run twine from the arch down to the ground. Climbing vines will quickly take root and make the arch look like a natural part of the landscape.

3. Build a Pergola

Pergolas are great for adding shade and architectural interest to any garden. Purchase materials for your pergola at your local hardware store. An important consideration here is whether you want to have a covering over your pergola. If you do, fiberglass sheeting is a good option for durability. You could even create a natural covering by training vines to populate the pergola, creating a green canopy that will provide great shade.

When used correctly in a garden, architectural elements can truly take the aesthetics of any outdoor space to the next level. By following these tips, you’ll make your landscaping look completely distinctive, better reflecting your unique personality!

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