Does your small business need a cosmetic update? The way your commercial space looks actually influences the public’s decision to choose your business over the competition. Here are three exterior upgrades that change the look of your property for the better.

1. Maintain Paved Areas

When the paved surfaces, including walkways and parking lots, around a building are in excellent condition, it shows that you care about the overall experience a customer has as they stop by your business. Periodically check these areas for any damage, especially if your location experiences any freezing and thawing. When you notice damage, contact expert paving contractors Long Island NY to renew the surfaces so that they’re attractive and safe for use once again.

2. Add Landscaping

Whether you have a dedicated area to landscape or not, it’s important to add the beauty of plant life to the exterior of your building. One landscaping technique that many businesses use to great effect is the installation of planter boxes around main entry doors. You can find the perfect planter boxes at your local hardware store or nursery, or construct them yourself with pressure-treated timbers. Fill the boxes with low-maintenance flowers like perennials or annuals since they bloom without a ton of care or watering.

3. Install New Signage

A modern sign attracts the right type of attention from both new and existing customers. Whether you have a freestanding sign or one that’s attached to your building, upgrade to a new model that’s lit by LED bulbs. Incorporate a custom marquee into the sign so that you can adjust the message whenever you have something new to say to your customers.

A curb appeal updates brings renewed customer attention to your business. Follow the tips above to give your commercial space some character and charm that will improve every customer’s experience.

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