Is 2018 the year you are thinking of renovating your home? Then this article will show you the latest window treatment trends that you can add when you decorate.

Windows play a major role in enhancing the curb appeal of homes. There are a variety of kaihtimet , custom shades, and draperies that can be considered when choosing the best fit to upgrade your home. Here is a guide to some of the emerging window treatment trends for 2018.

Natural Window Treatments

This is one of the window treatments trends that you should expect to see in 2018. Shades and blinds made from woven cotton and bamboo will remain a popular choice for many homeowners. These eco-friendly materials not only give homes an earthy and natural effect but also create an elegant tone to the space.

Patterned and Colorful Window Treatments

If you love color and fun, then window treatments with exciting patterns is something you want to try. They can give your home a stylish touch while allowing you to get creative with different geometrical patterns and shapes. Curtain textures like velvet and tassel will make your window treatments become the focal point of the room.

Black and White Window Treatments

Instead of adding the geometrical or floral designs by themselves, try combining them to create black and white contrast. The contrast between the white, black, and grey colors gives a contemporary look and adds an aesthetic appeal to the space.

Customized Pieces

You can personalize your home by including decorative pieces like beads, custom trim, buttons, shells, and jewelled pieces. Instead of going to the store to buy window treatments, you can go for more unique looks that will suit your style and preference. Examine the space and decide on the designs and colors that will complement it best.

The Natural Light Effect

Incorporating sheer fabrics to embrace natural light is another big trend for 2018. This window treatment allows natural light to enter the room; hence, you will not need artificial lighting. Besides, you will have variety of colors to choose from allowing you to get creative and select colors that will best complement the room. If you are looking to set the right mood in the room, maintain privacy while allowing enough amount of light, sheer is the perfect choice.

Embracing Jewel Tones

In line with 2018 hottest trends, window treatments that come in jewel tones top the list. Jewel tones are popular for bringing an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication in any room. This elegant design also comes in colors of subtle blue, green, and deep red.

Layered Blinds

If you prefer blinds, then roman blinds are window treatment trends you will see in 2018. These blinds come with curves to give you a stylish look while allowing you to control the amount of light in the room. They are also available in unique fabric based on your style.


With so many fun trends in 2018, you can update your home without much hassle. From patterned pieces, natural treatments to decorative pieces, there are window treatment solutions in  AVAEKSPERDID РKaihtimet ja Verhot to suit your needs.

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