Vikings and Barbarians are some of the most intriguing pieces of history we get to enjoy from the Scandinavians. However, Scandinavia did not just offer us war-related history, but also the globe has been wowed by the sleek and powerful architecture, especially when it comes to home decor.

Danish sophisticated designs have not only stood the test of time, but they have received global accolades and recognition. Modern designers have also followed the status quo, and it is apparent you will never go wrong with Danish designs. The Ferm has carved a niche and remains the industry leader when it comes to furniture, home accessories, and homewares. When you are shopping around for modern Danish designs, always look out for these factors.

  • The type of wood

There is a reason you will be very specific that you intend to purchase home accessories with Danish design. As such, you will not jump to any shop and ask for furniture without actual knowledge of the materials that make Danish designs. Oak, beech, and teak are some of the most popular types of wood used in Danish modernism. The art of joinery and the type of finish applied is quite specific for Danish accessories. These are some of the elements that will make you differentiate a Danish design from a wannabe. For lighting, frosted glass is mainly used for lamps with an antique look. Simply do thorough research and also visit trusted retailers for the best Danish modern design.

  • Nature as influence

A majority of Danish designers have their inspiration been driven by nature.  This culture is attributed to the Scandinavian’s love for outdoor interactions and preservation of nature in its original form. It is a common pleasantry to find furniture based on natural wood uncurved natural stone. That is a great weapon that you should carry with you when shopping for the next Danish design-based furniture. Similarly, Danish will have plants almost everywhere, and this is a big influence on their home decor and homeware.

  • Human body-designs

Yes, it is crazy as it sounds but a factor to relish. Most of the Danish-based designs will follow a human-body-like contour in the design. Most designers follow this principle to ensure that the furniture is suited to human proportions for comfort purposes. A Danish design chair will definitely consider the orthopedic aspects by ensuring that the body perfectly fits the seat. Such ergonomic designs are perfect for people with spine issues and any other pain that can be alleviated by comfortable furniture.

  • Colors and light

The designs are influenced by a country that experiences longer dark days in the year; obviously, light is a huge factor. There is almost a common element in all the Danish designs that exhibit warmth and glow in their accessories. The brightness and warmth complement the dark embellishment of the exotic type of wood used for their furniture. Probably you will not find gothic and dark colors in their lighting, but they will blend the gloomy colors in their furniture.

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