If you’re looking for simple and relatively inexpensive ways to update your home’s decor, check out the following three ideas. Collectively they allow you to bring history, form, function, texture and color into your living space in a way that reflects you, your passions and your lifestyle. They also allow you to have fun browsing antique, thrift, paint, and home improvement stores and websites for inspiration!

1. Invest in Desks

Pre owned desks are a unique way to bring history, function and form to your home. From straight desks to L- and U-shaped varieties, you can find the piece that best suits your style and space. You may choose to add grandeur to your office or workspace with an intricately carved mahogany desk with drawers or inject whimsy with a tall top-down bureau desk featuring pigeonholes for stationery, postage stamps and other supplies. Don’t forget to ground it in your space with a complementary rug, chair or reading lamp.

2. Hang a Masterpiece

Creating a statement wall with a well-positioned and -hung piece of art can give your home that artsy feel with a minimum of effort. Whether you choose to adorn your entry hall or living room with an heirloom painting or a textile hanging treasure from the thrift store, the masterpiece effect is the same. Just make sure it communicates your style and that you give it the “breathing space” it deserves and a complementary wall color that sets it off. For example, consider giving a natural-hued wool tapestry a rich burnt sienna background to showcase its texture and color.

3. Paint Your Front Door

Your front door is a threshold to your world. Whether you’ve installed a new door or inherited the original, injecting it with color is often a natural next step for homeowners. Choose your signature color or one that complements or contrasts with your home’s exterior. By the way, did you know there’s a whole psychological theory behind front door colors? For example, green represents a healthy, harmonious home, while black indicates an elegant, authoritative presence.

If these three ideas appeal to you, browse home decor stores and websites for more. Many interior designers and home improvement retailers feature galleries, blogs and product information on their websites. Social media outlets like Pinterest and Instagram are another great avenue to see how homeowners like you inject their living spaces with their unique styles and sensibilities.

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