There is something quite mystical about Sacred Icons, which is one of the reasons so many people from all faiths and walks of life are drawn to them. They are unlike any other art form and that’s why you can always distinguish them from other artistic traditions. You know immediately that they are of an Eastern tradition within the church and that they depict something holy.

This is not always the case with other styles of Christian art. This is one of the most important reasons why they are admired among Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox Christians alike. If you are wondering why they are an important element in home décor in Catholic and Orthodox homes, here are 3 reasons that may explain it all.

1. Visual Representations of Bible Stories

If there is one thing many Christian families no longer practice, it would be family prayer time together. There was a time not so very long ago that families would dedicate one night a week to Bible study and the other nights they would pray together at meals and before bed.

Sacred Icons often depict Bible stories that can be easily understood with just a single glance. While recognizing that they need to spend more time in prayer and learning lessons on Christian living from the Bible, it seems like everyone’s schedule differs, and so parents hang Sacred Icons that ‘teach’ a Christian concept or Biblical element of faith at just a single glance.

Although this cannot totally make up for time spent praying and reading the Bible, the icon can be a subtle reminder of what we believe and why we believe what we do.

2. Reminder of the Bridge Between Heaven and Earth

Speaking of prayer time, Sacred Icons in home décor remind us of the bridge between the spiritual and earthly realms of existence. They are indicative of what we hold holy and in passing, and that brief reminder brings us face to face with a truth that is intrinsic to our faith. Although we long for a closer relationship with our Lord, we are here on earth fulfilling our destiny until we get to cross over to the other side. It’s an important awakening and Sacred Icons, at a glance, bring us to the realization that there truly is a connection between that which is intangible, and the tangible lives we lead in this world.

3. Sacred Art Devoid of the Artist’s Interpretation

There is one other reason why Sacred Icons have become such an important element in home décor. If you look at other forms of Christian art, you can always ‘see’ or feel something of the artist’s personality. Sometimes it’s rather dark and depressing as they are weighted down with the cares of this world. Other times you will recognize those uplifting and happy emotions they feel and express in their art.

Sacred Icons, on the other hand, follow a very precise set of rules in which each element is styled the exact same way as more than 1,500 years of Eastern Orthodox icons were fashioned. There is no way to step aside from an artistic tradition that is devoid of personalization. It is ultimately recognizable for this fact alone. While each icon represents a different element of faith, stylistically they are the same. That is what sets true elements of faith apart from personal interpretations and that is also precisely why they are such an important element in home décor in the 21st century.

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