When you’re selling a property, you need to target your potential perfect buyer and slightly nudge them into buying your home. This can be done with some adjustments to the property, making sure you do the right ones. And that’s fairly easy to do if you know what your target buyer wants. Young professionals and couples are a substantial part of all the buyers in Florida, which is why you should keep in mind their favorite features when preparing your property for sale. To help you out, we’ve created a list of things young buyers are looking for in a Florida home – check them out to make the easiest, the most profitable sale ever.

Open floor plan

One of the most desirable features of Florida’s real estate market is the open floor plan. More space in the living room, connected with the dining and kitchen area is what makes young buyers make an offer. Young people want to have enough living space to host parties and movie nights, but also have more convenient space for their kids. With an open floor plan parents can easily make meals while toddlers are playing in the living room or watching TV, and always have them within sight. An open floor plan improves airflow, allows more light into the house, and also makes communication and entertaining a lot easier. So, if you’re thinking about renovating your property for sale, think about creating a better use of the living space to attract buyers.

A new place to raise a family – young homebuyers are looking for a spacious, practical home.

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An energy-efficient home

Young buyers these days are well-aware of the energy efficiency and eco-friendly features of their homes. That’s why any features that make your property energy-efficient will be attractive to young buyers in Florida. These can include:

  • Fiberglass insulation of the attic adds value to the property, as it helps save a substantial amount of money over time.
  • Energy star rated appliances that spend less energy to do the work and save money;
  • Smart water heaters – water heaters consume a big part of the energy of the whole household. That’s why a tankless water heater is a much better option.
  • Alternative energy solutions such as solar panels are very attractive in Florida. Homes in the Sunshine state can use this renewable energy a lot, and make better use of all the sun we get here.

Additional advantages include a cool roof, a better choice of construction materials, and high-quality ventilation and moisture control. This will improve the control of the cool and hot air within the house, and ensure less energy is spent on regulating it.

A home ready for all the gadgets

Smart home features have been increasingly important with the younger generation. That’s why what are young buyers looking for in a Florida home is great wireless connectivity and enough electrical outlets for all the gadgets. The strong wireless and cell phone service are probably one of the most desirable features these days so one of the ways to make your home more attractive is to get a signal booster and make sure potential buyers know about it. People use gadgets for entertainment, but also for cleaning, cooking, safety, and more. Such items are no longer considered a luxury, so make sure your property is ready for a young, modern homeowner.

Remember: if you’re a homeowner moving to a new address, pay attention to your handle gadgets during your move. Experts from 24/7 Logistics Services advise you to focus on protecting the gadgets as much as possible, as accidents with electronics are more common than you think. Such items are very delicate and can break easily, but they are also sensitive to moisture and extreme temperatures. Protect them well or let professionals do that instead.

Modern kitchen

A young homeowner usually doesn’t have a lot of time for DIY projects and kitchen renovation. An updated kitchen is a big plus in this real estate market. Furthermore, a kitchen updated in accordance with the latest trends and technology advancements will ensure that houses don’t spend a lot of time on the market. Functional space, modern appliances, and smart storage solutions will make your kitchen the most desirable room in the house, and the reason why a buyer will place an offer.

An open floor plan and a modern kitchen – that’s what young buyers are looking for in a Florida home.

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Practical laundry room

Young couples who plan on raising a family in Florida also look for a spacious home where they can easily do all the chores. Doing laundry can be one of the tasks that can get easier if you have all the space and tools for it. If there’s a vacant space in your home, try turning it into a functional laundry room where washing and folding will take place without disrupting other rooms in the house.

Amazing outdoors

Florida is all about the sun and all that amazing weather. That’s why a great outdoor space is what are young buyers looking for in a Florida home. They want to be able to switch from their living to the back of their home and enjoy beautiful weather in the comfort of their own backyard. Plan the space well, use trendy tiles to cover the floor, choose comfortable furniture and ensure there’s enough cozy lighting. Finish it off with some plants and you can have a star of the show – a perfect backyard oasis that will sell the property.

Outdoor entertainment is important for young generations.

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Found the home of your dreams?

New homeowners should know that the process of making a property their home doesn’t end with a list of desirable features. It’s a lengthy process that can be more efficient if you have experts by your side. An experienced real estate agent can make your search faster and ensure you’ve got the right home in no time. And when it comes to moving to Florida, rely on certified people with extensive local experience. Local moving teams know the drill when it comes to moving in the Sunshine State, so you can be sure your items will be transferred with maximum efficiency and safety.

Final words

Looking through the features young buyers are looking for in a Florida home can help you find a better home. But it can also help you sell a property, as you’ll know how to prepare it for the market. These home features are popular among Florida’s young buyers and including some of them will surely help you have a successful sale in no time.

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