For outdoor relaxation, many people have opted to install the not-so-traditional pergola as part of their yard. A pergola is a structure made from wood or vinyl that features columns and cross-beams above. Whether you’ve got an attached or a free-standing pergola, here are several ways to keep it looking immaculate.

Protect Against Sun Damage

To protect your pergola from the damaging rays of the sun, retractable pergola shade covers are the way to go. Retractable covers are crafted from heavy-duty fabric that keeps the hottest sun of the day off your pergola’s surface and prevents aging. It also creates a cool spot that keeps you safe.

Keep It Free From Dirt

To keep your pergola beautiful, it’s important to know how to clean it. This task is easily accomplished by simply hosing down the structure to rid dust and dirt buildup. If mold or mildew develop, purchase a special detergent and wash it off with a soft brush and water.

Add Stain or Paint

Wooden pergolas are gorgeous but to thoroughly protect them from the elements, you must stain or paint them. Stain, followed by a sealant, allows you to keep the natural look of the wood. If you’d like a completely different appearance, heat-tolerant paint comes in a variety of colors and protects the pergola from drying out.

Maintain Surrounding Greenery

One of the most unique features of a pergola are the overhead cross-beams. These beams are the perfect spot for vines and hanging flowers, but it’s important to maintain this surrounding greenery. Keeping plants trimmed avoids excess weight, keeps bugs away and encourages flowers to bloom.

If you have a pergola on your property, it’s important to know how to care for this exceptional structure. Keeping it covered with a canopy, staining and painting it will ensure your pergola looks new for years to come.

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