There’s nothing like being in your own home, snuggled up on a cool evening. If cold weather is on its way and your HVAC system needs preventative maintenance or a minor or major fix, heating repair services Aurora CO can help. Want to keep that unit in tip-top shape and can reduce your energy costs at the same time? Try some of these simple tips.

1. Bundle Up

This is an inexpensive way to be able to keep your thermostat at a lower temperature so your heat doesn’t have to kick on as often. When you’re feeling a chill in the air, break out a sweater. Don’t forget to keep your toes toasty with socks or slippers, too! If you’re cuddling up on the couch to catch up on your favorite TV show, bring out a cozy blanket to enjoy.

2. Try a Timer

Set your heating system to keep the house warmer when you’re home and a little cooler when you’re not, or at night when you’re asleep in bed. A few degrees difference can add up to a lot of savings. Some units will let you program the temp for an entire year at a time so you can account for seasonal changes without even really thinking about it.

3. Shut the Door!

How many times have you had to remind someone you live with or a visitor to close doors and windows behind them? Get your loved ones in the habit and you might be surprised what a difference these simple acts can make. Plus, it will help to keep unwanted bugs and weather including rain and snow out of the house.

A well-functioning heating and cooling system makes like so much easier. However, don’t make it work harder than it needs to and waste energy and money in the process. Your home, your wallet, and Mother Nature will all thank you for your efforts.

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