When building or renovating your home, you have the opportunity to revamp your interior design and set your house apart from others. Whether it’s enlarging your living space, adding modern design features, or upscaling your furniture, every renovation is a chance to express your individuality. Currently, the top trend among the UK’s top home builders is the installation of home bars. Varying in size, shape, and design, home bars are an excellent way to add something unique to your living, kitchen, or family space. Our team at the Dawnvale Group is a leading supplier of home bars to many home buyers and builders across the country. Here are our top five reasons why you should consider installing one of our bespoke bars in your home today!

First, it’s the best way to entertain.

Whether your family is visiting for the weekend or your friends are over for dinner, your new home bar will become the centre point of your entertainment. With numerous styles and designs, you can place your home bar in almost any room you find ideal for entertainment. “Wow” your guests with your cocktail creations or enjoy the chance to sit show off your finest liquor selection. The possibilities are endless!

Second, it’s an excellent use of open space.

Don’t know what to do with “dead space” in your living room? Installing a home bar is a great way to creatively, and efficiently, use space that you would have otherwise would have gone without. When home builders are designing your home, they envision general uses for each room. However, sometimes, their envision does not align with yours. As a result, you have a large, unused areas in your home. Combat this with one of our bespoke bars!

Third, they’re the perfect solution for your extra storage needs.

Is your kitchen lacking in storage? Do you not know where to put your glassware and other unique cutlery sets? Installing a home bar creates the perfect amount of space when you need it most. Our intuitive designs help keep your dishes are hidden and your space looking flawless.

Fourth, say “Hello” to versatility and creativity.

Your new home bar is more than just an excellent area to mix cocktails with friends. Our team of designers can help create a home bar that offers an enjoyable area to entertain in addition to a versatile work space. Whether you need additional serving space for family dinners, extra seating at parties, or preparation area for your multi-course meals, a home bar is a welcomed addition to your home.

Fifth, it’s the best way to express You & Your home.

With nineteen home bar styles to choose from, our designers will find the perfect home bar that matches your style, character, and design. From large Horseshoe Marbles bars to smaller Cinema Room bars, it’s never been easier to find the right bar style for your home. As a trusted and well-known group in the UK, home buyers and builders alike trust our team to provide your home with a unique bar that fits your space, time, and budget.

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