Granite has been such a popular choice for kitchen countertops for so many years. People are beginning to wonder if granite countertops are going to be out of style soon. As we have researched and looked at different people’s houses,  we have considered whether or not we believe that they are going to go out of style. Here’s what we learned about granite countertops in people’s home.



Granite countertops have been popular for so many years, and people wonder if it’s because of the way they appear. Granite countertops are pretty and they have a unique style with each slab.  No two slabs of granite are the same, and homeowners like that they have a unique art piece in their homes. Granite has continued to evolve over the years and new types have been found. New colors and styles of granite continue to come out every single year. While the colors change and the styles evolve, the durability of granite never changes.



Granite is always going to be one of the most durable stones that you can put in your house. Young families tend to like granite because they can trust their little children in the kitchen by themselves. Unlike other stones, granite is very durable and can withstand little children. A mother with young children would never want to put marble in her kitchen. Marble is very porous and will etch and stain very easily. Granite on the other hand, is going to a stand the test of time.


Modern Twists


The stone industry is starting to see an evolution of people leaning towards more modern cuts of stones. It is very common for people to start using straight lines rather than the rounded corners that have been previously chosen over the years. In older homes you will notice that granite it’s always cut with rounded edges. People have associated granite with very traditional homes because of this cut. In order to keep up with the industry, granite  companies have started to cut the stone with more edgy designs and flat corners.



Walking into a home that has rounded edges for a home with flat edges, will make a difference to people when they are searching for a new home to buy.  Simply deciding to use granite in your home, but also have it cut with flat edges on the corners is going to bring in a modern element to your home.


Final Verdict


The final verdict is, granite is never going to go out of style. While the cut of granite may go out of style, the stone industries all is going to evolve to make granite appealing to homeowners. You can feel confident putting granite in your home for many years to come.

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