Fall is a time when you prepare everything for winter. When it comes to your lawn, you also have to do clean up and other tasks that will allow your plants to make it through winter.

Proper fall clean up is essential to a nice looking landscape in the Spring. If you neglect your lawn in the fall, it will take you much longer to get it back in shape when the weather warms up after winter.

To-Do List

It is a good idea to create a to-do list for your fall law tasks so that you are sure you don’t miss anything. There are a few keys things to put on your list.

This Old House explains that you need to keep up with cutting your grass as long as it continues to grow, which is usually until the first hard frost. It’s important to cut it to a good height where it isn’t too long that it will trap moisture but where it isn’t too short to expose it too much to the colder temperatures. You probably won’t need to mow too often, so set a reasonable schedule.

You should also aerate at this time. It will help keep your soil healthy and ensure the roots get everything they need before setting in for winter.

Another task to undertake in the fall is seeding in areas where you need it. Fill in bare spots and cover areas where you’ve had to do maintenance during the summer. Make sure that you properly sow the seeds so they can take root.

Stay on top of leaf clean up Kent. Leaving leaves on your lawn will damage it. Make sure you regularly remove leaves until they are completely gone for winter.

Fall Clean-Up Tips

Keep in mind that what you do in the fall will determine the lushness of your lawn in the spring. So, make sure that you take time to continue lawn care. Many people figure once it’s cold, the lawn doesn’t need any more attention, but this is a huge mistake to make.

You should also take care of all your lawn’s needs. Aerate, fertilize, and water. Make sure you don’t stop doing the things you’ve done all summer long just because the temperatures go down and there isn’t as much sunlight. Your lawn still needs everything it did before.

Ready for Winter

Keep pushing through your lawn care until frost starts hitting and the temperatures dip low day and night. Once your grass settles in for winter hibernation, you can take a break until spring.

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