Just like the yard is prepared for the first days of Spring, it’s important to prepare this space for winter. Homeowners are encouraged to strike a balance between function and design. These tips from The Foam Factory are available to help anyone prepare an outdoor space before winter comes.

The Effects of Winter

Frost, ice and snow cause a variety of damages to unprotected patio furniture. Unprotected furniture includes wood that is left without a sealant. In some wood or plastic furniture, there are cracks that widen after being exposed to the cold weather. When the snow melts, the cold water seeps into the cracks, freezes and expands. A chair that is left frozen for months could fall apart after being thawed.

Fillers and Sealants

Mechanics use fillers to fill in dents on cars. Inserting fillers into cracks is one option to protect patio chairs and tables. Also, sealants are used to protect wood furniture from rotting. During some winters, snow falls heavily and leaves the patio covered up to several feet. A sealant works as a barrier between the wood and moisture.


A covering, made of a waterproof plastic or vinyl material, offers some protection for an outdoor space. It effectively blocks some snow and freezing temperatures from damaging the patio grill along with chairs, tables or a Jacuzzi. Plastic is the ideal material to use for outdoor furniture cushions or blankets. Cotton or wool will soak up water and not last long after the winter ends.

Preparing the yard for winter involves safety, protection and decoration. Homeowners have to remember the effects that snow and freezing temperatures cause. They should protect their investments, but they should also be creative with their winter-themed designs.

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