A sedentary lifestyle is typical in the 21st-century.  We live in a time when we have many advantageous and are not forced to work on our feet all day unless we choose.  However, in today’s times, people are becoming aware that sitting all day for work, or for any reason, is bad for one’s health.  There are many ways to combat the health risks associated with sitting, but one way to combat the health risks is with a stand up desk.

A traditional desk is a device that a person uses while sitting in a chair.  A Desk View desks for windows is a desk that a person uses while standing.  Believe it or not, standing up while writing or doing other work on a desk was popular during the 18th and 19th centuries.  Famous figures such as Benjamin Franklin, Virginia Woolf, and Winston Churchill were known to use a stand up desk. In the 21st-century, they have made a comeback.   A good standing desk can cost anywhere from 100 dollars on up to a thousand dollars or more.

Studies have shown that people sit for up to 12 hours a day. We also spend on average of 7 hours sleeping.  Spending 19 hours a day sedentary contributes to health problems and sitting at a traditional desk for an extended period produces some health risks.  Our levels of triglycerides and fats in the blood are raised, which contributes to higher levels of heart disease and diabetes.  We also reduce our lifespan by prolonged sedentary lifestyles.

Alternatively, the benefits of a stand up desk are many.  We can lower our risk of weight gain and obesity.  After we eat, our blood sugar levels increase.  A standing desk can help reduce our blood sugar levels. We can lower our risk of heart disease, which is the number one killer of humans.  They can lower our risk of back pain from sitting, as well.

It should be noted, however, that standing all day in one spot is also not beneficial for the body.  There should be a mixture of standing and walking around during breaks to get the most out of a stand up desk.   A good rule of thumb is to leave your standing desk and move every 30 minutes.  It’s also okay to sit for a few minutes every hour to take the pressure off your feet before returning to your standing desk.  Another good tip is to include stretching exercises every hour to coincide with standing at your stand up desk.

Some of the  best reviews for stand up desks that you should know are the following:

  1. The Vivo Adjustable Standing Desk

The Vivo adjustable standing desk is a best seller on Amazon. It is a desk that features a sit to stand feature, which means that you can adjust your workstation from sitting to standing.  This is done with a quick transition.  It’s also highly rated for its ample work area, giving someone plenty of room to get a wide variety of work done on the surface without complicating it with the keyboard, mouse, and others that fit comfortably on the bottom tier.   The assembly is easy to maneuver.  The desk is less than $300.

  1. The Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

Another top-rated standing desk is the bamboo version from Jarvis.  Not only is it a standing desk for your health, but it’s designed to look good in your home or office.  It’s also environmentally friendly.  Bamboo is not an endangered resource and can grow several feet in height per year and matures in less than five years.  This company states that it only works with bamboo that is harvested without pesticides or fertilizers. The color of the bamboo is natural and is not dyed with artificial colors. The desk is available for less than $400.

  1. The Focal Standing Desk

The Focal Standing Desk is available for over 1,000 dollars, but the features are what make it pricey.  The look of the desk is aesthetically pleasing, and the desk is solidly built. It is ergonomically constructed to be right on your spine and upper body. It lifts and lowers effortlessly so that you can find the right position.  An ergonomic seat is also available for purchase for an additional price and is designed to work with the desk.

  1. The Readydesk Standing Desk

You don’t have to pay a fortune for a standing desk.  The standing desk converter by Readydesk is an affordable option for those who want a standing desk but who can’t afford a pricey tag. This version can easily be placed on an existing desk.  When you’re ready to sit for a bit, the desk can be quickly set to the side to use the traditional desk surface.  The standing Readydesk is easy to assemble, fits on almost every desk and has a well-constructed design.   The product is made out of recyclable birch wood, which makes it an attractive option as well as an affordable one. Two shelves can be configured in 30 different ways in the various groves.   The desk is available for less than $200

  1. X-Elite Standing Desk

This is another easy to assemble standing desk that serves as a converter for your existing desk, which reduces the cost of such a product.  There is a large surface to place a laptop or other equipment.  The device goes up and down with ease, making it user-friendly.  The standing height can be adjusted from seven inches to 16 inches.   There is no assembly required for the device.  You can take it out of the box and use it with ease.

These are just some of the standing desks and standing desks converters that are a good buy for what you get.  Use a standing desk during the day while you work or for any reasons but be sure to move around every 30 minutes.  Also, it’s fine to give your feet a rest for five to ten minutes in the hour to get the most out of our standing desk.

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