There are many factors to consider before making a furniture choice—comfort, scale, storage, usage, and, above all, color. Furniture items are always the core of every space and create a statement. Whether it’s white, patterned, light, dark, or some variation of these, you want to make sure that your furniture fits with your general design and aesthetics.  You might have a sofa whose design is in place, but its upholstery requires some refreshment. You’re always going to have to decide on a hue for your furniture. So, what’s the perfect color for them? It is an individual choice, depending on what you want and what fits in your room.

When it gets to adorning a house, many people are using the 60-30-10 law. 60% of the décor is meant to be a primary shade, much like the walls. 30% of the space is the secondary hue, which covers items like upholstery. The last 10 percent is your focal color for accessories, cushions throws, spreads, and other various objects. This offers a sense of harmony without being bland or boisterous with your design.

The following are the best range of colors for sofa that would fit well with the widest variety of interiors.

  • RED
    The boldest of our picks, the color red for the sofa, is unexpectedly versatile. Red is a common choice of color in classic and mid-century modern trends, but can also be a fantastic burst of color in more trendy or streamlined interiors. This operates against neutral surfaces, but it may also look excellent for blue or even pink surfaces. The eye-catching color brings pleasant warmth to your room, which can be welcomed in minimalist rooms that seem to be a little cold.
    Brown is by far the most common color for sofas in leather. There are several variations within brown itself, from lighter tans to dark chocolates. Brown is a perfect option if you have dogs or kids that will accumulate dirt on a couch. Brown is not the only fur but can appear elegant in many materials, such as wool and polyester. Brown might not be the most thrilling hue available, but it does bring comfort and earthiness to indoors for those longing for more organic color palettes.
    A color for your sofa that can fit with almost every type of sofa in practically every color range is beige. From warmer beiges to cooler beiges, there’s a beige for any room. Beige also has the edge over white, as it doesn’t reveal dirt as quickly as white. If you pick a beige sofa, you basically have a blank canvas around which you can design the rest of your furniture.
  • BLUE
    Although only navy blue is typically deemed neutral, all shades of blue have the ability to beautify a sofa. Blue is a flexible color— it looks fantastic in every environment and can be used in several different designs. Blue goes best with a wide variety of colors, and it won’t throw off your hue palette. However, it may add a bit of surprising shade. Based on the tone of blue, you may choose it to serve as a neutral or a statement item.
  • GRAY
    Gray-colored furniture is a perfect choice when you want a neutrally lovely place to begin. Gray fits with every theme, making it the ideal chameleon to suit bold shapes and vibrant highlights. It provides both warm and cool palates; therefore, you won’t have to think about it being a seasonal item. Gray is proclaimed to be everybody’s latest neutral choice, and this stands for furniture as well.
    Just like beige, there are warm grays and cool grays, as well as slightly darker and lighter grays, so you can easily find the best gray for your room. Similarly, of how beige has the edge over white, gray has an advantage over black as well. Black can reflect every lighter colored hair (humans or animals) more than gray, so dirt will even appear more in black than in grey.

Of course, these are just the most multifunctional colors for sofas. Any shade that works with your ambiance and that you love will be perfect for you and your couch. But if you’re looking to move or redecorate a space, these shades should give you the most choices. But if your sofa positioning and the furniture around it won’t shift soon, don’t hesitate to get that black, purple, white, or orange sofa that you’ve got your sights on!

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Naresh Prashar is marketing manager of E-Living Furniture, a leading online portal for affordable and elegant furniture for all types. Now a busy businessman, he loves to travel around the world and write on related topics whenever finds some time from his busy schedule.

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