It’s easy to get comfortable, and then one day look up and realize your home is years out of date and is looking like something lost in time. Get up to speed on the latest interior décor trends and join the rest of the world in 2018 with these emerging style tips.

Bold, moody paint

Neutrals are stepping back for intense paint colors that require commitment. Take advantage of the trend by pairing it with another emerging movement toward monochrome design. A deep paint shade can be paired with lighter window coverings, linens, or accent pieces to avoid sensory overload and introduce a soothing element to the space. It goes well with natural wood or metal accents, depending on the shade, but requires a true commitment and a strong personality to pull it off. Compromise with a vivid statement wall if a full room feels like a bit much.

Lavender everything

This year’s edition of the now-ubiquitous Millennial Pink introduces a splash of blue for lavender and lilac shades that add dimension to the blandness of overdone neutrals, but maintain the peaceful, easy-to-accessorize design pros of simple background shades. Pick up on the monochrome trend by pairing deeper shades with pale touches in the same room, or mix and match with true neutrals, bold colors, or natural materials like a nice distressed wood.

Statement flooring

The intense version of this trend is complex, with next-generation parquet floors. Think strong, intricate designs, with interlaced wood, tile, or stone. For a lower-commitment version that won’t require major renovations and a huge investment in flooring materials, consider one of this season’s many bold, bright carpets. A large area rug can transform the look of a room, add visual interest, define the space, and be more readily switched out when the styles change again.

The return of geometrics

Curved furniture including dramatically organic shapes in couches is the latest thing. The use of sharply geometric patterns in everything from flooring to accent pieces is another emerging trend. Commit to one or the other, or combine fluid organic forms with hard, modern edges for next-level style.

Juxtaposition in finishing touches

Minimalist and maximal, neutral and bold, subdued natural materials and hyper-modern flash all find a home in the fashion-forward designer’s work. is a good source for functional, fashionable items. The confident decorator will dive all in with eclectic pieces that suit overall room or home designs, while those of you who are more comfortable with a controlled approach may want to pick an overarching design inspiration and stick to just one of this year’s trends when it comes to finishing a room and installing the finishing touches.

If it feels like time to refresh a dated room or home, consider one of these of-the-moment trends to create a stylish new look for your space. From paint to furnishings, flooring to finishing touches, this season’s tastes are looking colorful, creative, and just a touch challenging. Dive in with a bold new look, or take it slower with some light lavender touches, a statement wall, or a dramatic new carpet.

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