Awning windows provide amazing aesthetic value and add to the curb appeal of your house, but they have several practical uses too. A lot of people think about installing awning windows, but they don’t go for it, thinking if it is worth the investment or not. If you are also planning a replacement project, then here are some reasons to consider window awnings.

Better energy efficiency

Awnings when installed above your windows can bring visible savings on energy bills, especially during the hot season. These windows preserve heat and release it back into your house. When an awning window casts a shade over the major window, it lowers the quantity of heat that the window will retain and save the energy needed to keep the house cool.

During the cold season, an awning renders better safety from cold drafts which leaks through the window and lowers the amount of energy needed to maintain the heat inside the house.

Safety from the sun

Have you noticed your favorite sofa fading away because of sun exposure with time? An awning window can offer a good amount of shade to safeguard your belongings that lies below it. It prevents the material of the rug or sofa from fading by limiting UV rays from entering your house.

Expanded living area

If you love eating outside on the patio, then an awning window will give you an extended living area to sit on the porch. It offers security from the sun during the day and a secluded setting for you and your dear ones.

Safety against the elements

If you love the sound of the elements when it’s raining, then installing an awning window over your home windows will give you the best experience. It will free you from the tension of rain water leakage and give you ventilation irrespective of the weather situations. An awning window offers better protection to the exterior of your window during severe climatic conditions.

Condensation causes a good amount of damage to your windows, even the best quality windows suffer. So, if you notice condensation on your windows, make sure you wipe them dry to prevent the growth of mold and fungus. Having an awning window installed over your window doesn’t allow condensation to take place as it offers additional coverage and lowers the amount of moisture that comes in contact with the window.

Maintenance of awning windows

Awning windows require low maintenance. It is essential to keep in mind that aluminum awnings shouldn’t be washed frequently with soap as it may lead to corrosion with time.

Grime can collect on an awning window if you don’t clean them for a long time period. In order to get rid of it, use a soft sponge and swiftly scrub it from the surface with the help of a mild solvent in lukewarm water.

Right window maintenance includes periodic drying of awning windows. If you don’t dry them properly, they will wither with time.

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