It can be tempting to buy every bit of home decor you see. Sometimes, you have to convince the people you live with that these purchases are worth it. Try to find items that have functions beyond just looking nice. Look for decor that contains, protects, or conceals.

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So many people spend time looking for storage solutions outside of their homes, though it’s often possible to fit these things in the house without contributing to a cluttered feeling. Try ornamental boxes to hide animal toys, then position these boxes on bookshelves or use them as door props. Try a similar approach for larger items. Try a large chest. Either add a cushion to the lid or search for storage benches. Add pillows and you might forget what your comfy seat is holding.


Prepare for seasonal changes, keeping efficiency and style in mind. An ironworker Kansas City MO can create a door for your fireplace, so you won’t have to worry about it in the warm months. Shop for thermal curtains with tones that compliment your walls and furniture. Even if you do buy small decorations, such as small reindeer figurines, you can take them out as bookends or paperweights when it’s appropriate.


Objects that seem purely ornamental can be useful, too. Most people have charging cords and power cables snaking around at least one room in their home. You can find decor specifically designed to conceal these cords or get creative by using free-standing artwork to block the cords from view. This extra clutter zone might instead become a creative space. Do the same with works-in-progress. If, for example, you have a scrape on the wall, a painting or a small rug could cover it up in the meanwhile.

Decide what your home needs and don’t limit your thinking. Few objects serve only one purpose.

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