Are you tired of looking at the same home decor and want to change things up with a fresh new look? Now is the time to change things up around your home and try one of the new trends in home design. Even if you aren’t sure what style defines you, you’re sure to find a look that you’ll love if you read these hot design trends to try this year.


For years, homeowners spent hours removing any trace of wallpaper from their homes in favor of neutral paint colors. This trend has come full circle as wallpaper has made a resurgence in popularity for bold homeowners looking to change things up. You can now find wallpaper in funky patterns such as bold florals, geometric prints, and trendy animal designs to match your personality. If you aren’t sure you want to commit to wallpapering an entire room, try it out on an accent wall to instantly spruce up a space.

Mixed Metals

Another emerging trend in home interior design is to mix metals throughout your home decor. Certain finishes to mix include bronze, iron, brass, silver, gold, tin, and copper, which can add some additional layers to your room. As a general rule, when mixing metals in your home, try not to put more than three different types together in one space or it may end up looking sloppy.

French Country

For a touch of elegance, implementing French country style throughout your home can amp up its wow factor. Beautiful statement pieces such as french country furniture can make a room go from plain to provincial while still maintaining an understated elegance.

Earth Friendly

Bring the outdoors inside by implementing earth-friendly themes throughout your home. From natural furniture such as wicker and rattan to raw textile rugs, getting in touch with your natural side can make your home look and feel more inviting and relaxing. You can also mix materials such as wood, metal, and textiles together to instill a calming natural feeling throughout your home. When implementing natural hues and style throughout your home, don’t forget to include plants, which not only look beautiful, but also add oxygen to the air and induce a sense of calm.


If too much decor isn’t for you, opt for a clean space by embracing minimalism. This design trend includes using pieces intentionally, such as purchasing functional art or furniture that may have multiple uses.

These design trends are a great way to show off your sense of style while also refreshing your home’s interior.

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