The most beautiful and original interiors always have one feature: accurately and correctly selected wallpaper in the room of different types of  flower wallpaper. While many people are careful and carefully fill their home with various accents, professionals know that correct and stylish walls are the best and most important way to make their interior original.

  1. Expand your space.

Correctly selected wallpapers are always capable of creating a variety of optical illusions: a dark corner will turn into an open space, and a small studio will become the most cozy and comfortable room. In order to choose the right wallpaper pattern that will look right in the room, then use the rule.

  1. Prepare the walls correctly.

There are several basic rules that you should always adhere to when gluing new wallpaper. One of the most common and big mistakes is applying new wallpaper a few days after painting the walls. New paint on the wall needs at least two weeks to fully cure. In order for the wallpaper to stick well to your wall, the paint must be completely dry. In order to do it as correctly as possible, then start gluing new wallpaper from the corner of your wall.

  1. Always remember about air.

Before adding any accent prints to your interior, it’s very important to think about empty corners and spaces in rooms. This is especially true for wallpapers with rather complex patterns and prints, which can be very crushing and create a certain sense of chaos in the room. Empty and free spaces are always very important in an apartment. They can provide an opportunity to take a break from workload. Choose wallpaper that is not completely printed, or hang original posters on your wall with large and bright images completely on a white or gray background.

  1. Always be above fashion.

With the new wallpaper, you will live for the coming years, and therefore it is worth taking care to choose the right main print, pattern or pattern that will not be annoying over time and will reflect modern fashion. You can get the beautiful wallpaper for your home.

  1. Start small.

Do you think that covering the entire wall with new wallpaper is a rather responsible decision? So start small! Trays, bookshelves, various picture frames, and kitchen islands can be changed simply and easily with the new wallpaper, and this is the first step.

  1. Layer prints.

In order to correctly fit the wall into the current interior, it is worth adding the right accessories that will be maintained in the desired palette of new wallpapers. Indoor accessories are the finishing touch. Choose designs and prints in the same colors and with the correct pattern. The most important thing is that they do not compete with other interior items at all – a bed, a sofa, an armchair and other things.

  1. Look from all sides.

Prints and colors do not exist on their own at all: they very often affect how the whole space looks in the overall picture. When deciding where to glue the new wallpaper, first check how the next room will look and how it will affect them

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