Choosing a mattress isn’t an easy feat. There are innumerable options to choose from, but only some of them will actually be good for you and your back. So, how do you choose the perfect mattress? These tips should help you decide:

  1. Choose high-quality

If you’re looking for a high-quality mattress in South Jordan, it’s better to select from the high-quality options than settle for a cheaper yet poorly-made one. A great mattress is essentially an investment for your health, so make sure to research the best mattress manufacturers that are available at your local store. A great mattress is essentially an investment for your health. Make sure to research the best mattress manufacturers that are available at your local store and online. Alternatively, there are companies like Nolah Mattress, who deliver high-quality mattresses right to your door.

Look at reviews online to help you gauge each brand’s potential.

  1. Know the different types of mattress

After you’ve researched the best brands on the market, you can look into the different types of mattresses and see if one of them seems best for you. Here are the five main types that you can choose from:

  • Memory foam. This type of mattress will mold itself to the shape of your body and is very soft. It will let you move around at night without disturbing your bedmate. However, it can get hot due to its retention of body heat.
  • Pocket sprung. Also known as an innerspring mattress. It has springs underneath the surface to provide support and durability.
  • Open coil. Relatively cheaper than other mattresses but are known to be less durable and uncomfortable.
  • Hybrid type. This type of mattress combines two different types into one. For example, a hybrid mattress can have a pocket-sprung base but a memory foam layer on top to get the best of both worlds.
  • Latex. A latex mattress tends to retain body heat and is quite similar to memory foam mattresses, but it has more spring to it. They are also known to be more durable, lasting up to two decades or more.
  1. Test out the mattress to your heart’s content

When out shopping for mattresses, don’t hesitate to test them for around 10 minutes at least. Lay on the mattress in different sleeping positions to get a feel for it (even if it feels a little awkward laying down in the middle of the store). It’s also best if you have your partner with you so you can test it out together. If it doesn’t feel quite right, move on to the next one.

  1. Ask the store about return and trial policies

Even though the mattress may have felt perfect in the store, you may have a change of heart when you have used the mattress for a couple of days or weeks. Opt for a store that has a trial period so you can return or exchange your mattress if it doesn’t end up being The One. If you are getting your mattress online, choose a company that has a 100-day trial period.

Buying the right mattress can give you better sleep which will, in turn, lead to better mornings and better health. If you’re looking to replace your current mattress, these tips should help you find the best one.


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