There are two primary elements of interior design, with one being the space itself. The space’s size, form, lines, and other things must be taken into consideration when you’re creating the right look and feel. The second element is your own personal style. Your design preferences, art choices, color choices, and other aesthetic decisions are what really bring a design to life. Anyone can create a superficially beautiful room. It’s the injection of those personal preferences and expressions of personality that give a room real design. If you’re not feeling confident about creating an interior design in your home these expert tips will give you some guidance for creating your own unique interior design:

Invest in Classic Furniture

Design trends come and go. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Updating the color in your home with fresh paint, new carpets, and updated lighting fixtures will keep your design from getting stale. But you should avoid trends when it comes to furniture. Furniture is an investment, not a trend. Buy the best quality furniture from luxury brands that you can afford in classic and timeless styles that are comfortable and adaptable. That way no matter what design trends come and go your furniture will still look great and be comfortable.

Use Your Space. All of Your Space

There’s nothing worse in a home than having empty corners or weird little nooks that have no design and seem to serve no purpose. But, every home has those little quirky spots. Make use of those spots and tie them to the rest of the décor by having custom storage built that uses every inch of those unused spaces. No home can ever have too much storage and adding storage to those nooks and crannies will make your home more functional as well as giving your interior design a more complete look. Custom corner shelves and cupboards, built-in storage above the kitchen cabinets, a wall of custom storage and counters in the mudroom, and other storage solutions will dramatically improve the look and function of your home.

Keep Scale in Mind

One of the biggest design mistakes that designers see every day is homeowners that pick furniture, artwork, and other items that are the wrong size for a room. If the items in the room are too small, the room will feel cavernous and empty. If the items in the room are too big, the room will feel like you’re trying to move around in a doll’s house. Giant sectional sofas might be on-trend but they don’t fit in every home and you shouldn’t try to cram one into the postage-stamp-sized living room in your Craftsman or classic Victorian. But, if you have a big, open floor plan then a large sectional might be a perfect choice. It depends on the scale of the space.

Take Your Time

It might take some time living in your home to get a good sense of what you want the design to be and the functionality needs of certain rooms. Good design takes time so it’s ok to live with some transitional furniture and design while you figure it out. Or, if you don’t want to live in transition, work with a trained interior designer who can help you figure out the perfect interior design for your home.

Kern & Co Can Bring Your Home Design To Life

If you’ve been struggling with design dilemmas and you want your home to be a real sanctuary that reflects your style, call the design team at Kearn & Co today. Our talented and experienced design team has the expertise and artistry to transform your home into the home you’ve always wanted.

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