A minimalist kitchen without clutter everywhere might feel like an impossible dream but it’s entirely possible to get that clutter under control and create the kitchen you’ve been dreaming of. A good kitchen design with great storage will make it possible to have a perfectly functional but still gorgeous minimalist kitchen. According to professional designers, these are the things you need to achieve your minimalism goals:

Change Your Countertops

Changing the countertops in your kitchen will change the look and feel of the kitchen. In order to give you better function, swap those high-maintenance granite countertops for durable quartz. Quartz kitchen countertops are design blog darlings because they come in a huge range of colors that allow you to breathe new life into the kitchen but are also very sturdy and durable. Stain- and damage-resistant quartz countertops are affordable too, which is a big deal for homeowners on a budget.

Storage, Storage, Storage

There can never be too much storage in the kitchen. Extra storage will give you the space you need to keep your kitchen organized and give it a clean minimalist look. Custom storage options that make use of your home’s unique architecture is the best way to get extra storage. You can also install different kinds of drawers and cabinets that are designed for the way that you live. For example, if you hate reaching for pots and pans but don’t want a jumble of pans in a generic drawer under the counter or install custom cabinets that include a pot drawer in an easy-to-reach spot. Get creative with your storage and it will make your kitchen more functional than you thought possible.

Reduce Clutter

When was the last time you actually made pancakes with that griddle that sits on your counter or used that waffle maker? Custom storage can help reduce clutter but you can also move unused gadgets to storage in the pantry or garage or get rid of them altogether. Look for kitchen equipment that incorporates a range of functions so that you don’t need a separate gadget for everything. For example, replace your oven with a smart oven that also has an air fryer built into it to improve function and get rid of messy clutter.

Add Functional Décor

An easy way to make your kitchen more functional while also incorporating design elements is to use items like pot racks. Hanging your pots on a beautiful pot rack keeps them accessible at all times and adds a bright pop of metal to your kitchen design.

Add a Kitchen Island

If you don’t already have a kitchen island, a custom kitchen island is a smart investment. A kitchen island with storage gives you a place to store gadgets that you actually use but don’t want to have sitting out all the time as well as giving you more workspace.

Let Quality Kitchen Cabinets Transform Your Kitchen

The experts at Quality Kitchen Cabinets can design custom kitchen storage solutions for your kitchens that can be completed fast to increase the function and beauty of your kitchen. Call us today to find out more about how we can turn the kitchen you have into the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

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