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KDid you know that people who have bed bugs in their homes feel anxious and also struggle with insomnia? If you want to remove bed bugs, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over a bed bug removal guide.

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Bed Bugs Multiply

Bed bugs tend to multiply fast, and this also makes it hard to remove them. During optimal conditions, bed bug populations will end up doubling every two weeks.

Does It Take Long to Remove Bed Bugs?

The time it takes will depend on what elimination method you pick. Also, other factors include the treatment and how severe the infestation is. Bed bug treatments that use heat tend to remove the bugs right away.

Chemical bed bug treatments will take weeks but leave a residue. The residue will provide continued protection from re-infestation.

The severity and size of the infestation will also determine how long it could take to remove bed bugs.

Where Are the Bed Bugs?

You should find all the bed bugs before they get a chance to reproduce. You will have an easier time removing the bed bugs when you deal with a small infestation.

Smaller infestations tend to be more difficult to find. Look for the bed bugs, or hire a professional. An inspector will bring in a trained dog to find the different bed bugs. Get a bed bug exterminator.

Bed bugs are narrow and small, so they can sneak into tiny areas. You could find bed bugs in the seams of a chair or mattress. Bed bugs also get found in the folds of curtains.

Look for bed bugs in baseboards, furniture joints, and under loose wallpaper. Inspect the interior of electrical outlets. You should also check the tags on your box spring and mattress.

Use a flashlight to go over these different areas. Live bed bugs appear reddish. Bed bug droppings look like small dots the size of a period.

Try to Contain the Infestation

Once you realize you have bed bugs, you’ll need to figure out how to contain them.

You can trap bed bugs with a vacuum. Consider running your vacuum over the areas where the bed bugs hide. You’ll need to vacuum your carpets and near your dresser and electronics.

Seal the vacuumed contents in a bag. Throw the bags away and clean your vacuum thoroughly.

Make sure to seal away affected clothes and linens in plastic bags. After you seal everything, you should put them in a high-temperature wash. You will also need to throw them in a hot dryer.

If the items can’t get washed, you should put them in the dryer at a high heat setting. Put the item in the dryer for half an hour.

Items that can’t get treated in a dryer and washer should get put in plastic bags. Leave the items in plastic bags for a couple of months.

If you aren’t able to clean the furniture, you will have to throw the items away.

Find a Reputable Pest Control Company

No matter the treatment, you should take your time finding the right pest control company. You want to find someone who’s insured and licensed.

Contact a few different companies. Ask questions about their experience. You want to learn about the various procedures and how successful they have been.

Before signing a contract, ask about their availability and follow-up appointments. You also need to understand what you need to do to prepare for the treatment.

Prepare Your Home for the Treatment

Bed bugs will hide in tiny crevices like the joints of a table or the lining of a mattress. The company will give you a prep sheet of things you will have to complete beforehand.

Give yourself enough time to finish the preparation beforehand. Proper preparation will make the treatment more effective. If you don’t prepare in time, the company will have to reschedule the appointment.

What to Expect With a Traditional Insecticide Treatment

Pest control companies tend to set up a follow-up in two weeks after the initial treatment. Most insecticide treatments won’t kill the bed bug eggs.

Bed bug eggs will end up hatching between six and nine days. If you want to get rid of bed bugs fast, make sure you tell the professional where you saw the bugs.

If you saw the bed bugs in the bedroom and the living room, make sure you treat the rooms simultaneously. You will prevent re-infestation and get rid of the bed bugs fast.

Try a Heat Treatment

Heat treatments are the fastest way to kill bed bugs. You can’t use a heater to kill the bed bugs. Licensed professionals will use specialized equipment to heat your room.

The thermometers will get placed around the room. Thermometers get watched to ensure the air gets heated warm enough to kill bed bugs but not damage the home.

Bed bug eggs and bed bugs won’t die at 122 Fahrenheit. The treatment will take up to eight hours. The technician will have to track the home.

Are you not able to wait for three weeks? You could look at doing a successful heat treatment in one afternoon.

Now You Know More About Bed Bug Removal

We hope this guide on bed bug treatment was helpful. Try to take care of bed bug removal as soon as possible. Consider hiring a reputable pest control company to finish the job.

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