DIY Storm Cleanup in Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland is no stranger to hurricanes and tropical storms. Since 1950 there have been one-hundred and eighteen hurricanes, tropical storms, or tropical depressions that have impacted the state of Maryland. With these come yard clean ups with enough debris that they equal a home clean out or a spring clean out. Storm debris is more than just a normal […]

Easy Diy Craft Room Storage Ideas

Have you ever wished your craft room could look like all those incredible and gorgeous ones you see everyday on TV or in magazines? Believe me I have as well. I have so many crafting supplies which are slowly taking over the whole room so I am afraid they may soon conquer my entire home if I do not do […]

Keeping Your Rural Home Safe From Hidden Problems

If you are new to country living, you may find many surprises headed your way during the next year. From harsh winds to dropped electricity, country homes owners face situations that city dwellers may not understand. Here are just a few of the issues you may find yourself facing when you live outside the city. 1. Ground Your home’s property […]

How to Keep Your Electric Bill Low: 5 Simple Strategies

According to the United States Energy Information Administration, the average electric bill is around $117. If your bill is even higher than that, you might be wondering how to keep your electric bill low. Thankfully, we have some great strategies you can use to avoid the high electric bill, so make sure you keep reading! Unplug Your Devices When you’re […]