Most people are nowadays leaning toward natural products. This is primarily because of the effects of synthetic products that have been touted on various platforms. While you might endeavor as much as you possibly can to steer clear of synthetics, there is one place you could still be having them. This is in your mattress filling. Most people will focus on the size, density, and type of their mattress choice, but few will consider the filing of their mattress.

Whether as support or comfort layers, natural materials in the product you pick at a mattress sale in Salt Lake City-based stores will guarantee quality sleep. Most manufacturers will blend natural materials with synthetic materials to make the product less expensive for the buyer. The following are your natural alternatives for mattress filling.


This is the most popular option for filling your mattress for support and comfort. Cotton is cool, soft, and highly breathable and will wick away moisture to ensure you sleep on a dry surface. Most manufacturers will use cotton on the top mattress layer just above its springs owing to its durability. This way, they will minimize the risk of the springs prematurely showing through the top layer of the mattress after use for a short time.


This is a breathable natural filling that will keep you cool in summer and warm in the cold winter nights. The wool comes from lambs and is generally used for casing other mattress materials since it offers a comfortable and plush mattress feel. Moreover, the filling is naturally fire-retardant and will minimize the filtering of the chemicals used in your mattress into the atmosphere. This way, the effects of the chemicals used in the other parts of your mattress are minimized. In some cases, cashmere is also categorized as wool, cashmere nonetheless comes from cashmere goats and is finer, more luxurious and softer compared to lambswool. Cashmere is thus often used in high-end mattresses.


The Angora goat is the source of mohair. This is often mixed with wool to boost the former’s durability. Mohair is elastic and will retain your mattress’ durability even in heavy use. It is generally used for the top mattress layer since it has enhanced cooling properties and luxurious comfort. The product is thus also used mainly in high-end products.

Natural Latex

This comes from rubber tree sap and is often used in the comfort layer of mattresses. Natural latex is an elastic and highly responsive material that will adapt to different body movements and boost comfort for its users. It also distributes your weight evenly across the mattress surface, making it perfect for those who want pressure relief.

The above natural filling alternatives are the ideal ones for hypoallergenic individuals. This makes them the best choices for commercial establishments like hotels. You, after all, would not want your establishment associated with allergic flare-ups. Other than filling, pick the ideal finish for your mattress to ensure the filling you have labored to choose does not fall out. Quilting, side-stitching, and hand-tufting are among the best choices for finishing a mattress since they are durable and will also prevent the bulking of the mattress.

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