It’s no secret that there are tons of shower pods and enclosures that you can choose from today. After all, an enclosed shower can help you tidy up your bathroom. They come in various shapes and sizes. They also vary regarding the type of framing materials used, texture, colour, design, and style. Because of the extensive selection of shower enclosures and pods, it can be quite hard to pick just one type. Below are some of the critical factors you must consider in buying or installing either a shower pod or an enclosure.

Get the measurements of the bath
Measuring the available space inside the bathroom is the most fundamental step you must do before purchasing any additional fixture. You have to be as precise as possible because any slight error can cause major inconveniences in the future. Determine the length, width and height of the target area. Don’t forget to locate the water pipes when you take measurements, most especially if you are planning to install a cabin.

Set your budget
How much are you willing to spend on a shower cabin or enclosure? A simple type of cabin can cost around £500. If you want a shower pod that comes with more sophisticated features such as a quadrant steam shower, then you must set your budget to not less than £1,000. As for enclosures, you may pay at least £500 depending on the materials.

Setting your budget allows you to focus on models that you can afford. Many online sites today come with a filter function, so you can eliminate products that are over your ideal budget.

Choose the best shape and style
In choosing a shower cabin or enclosure design or style, you should focus on comfort and practicality. Consider the existing design of your bathroom and find a product that will boost the room’s charm. A few shapes you can choose from include quadrant, offset quadrant, rectangular, D-shaped, and square shower pods and enclosures.

As for the cabin or enclosure style, you can select any of the following – walk-in, corner entry, frameless and three-sided enclosure. Select one that can effectively contain the water coming from the shower head.

Consider the maintenance needs
Many homeowners forget maintaining their shower pods. Don’t make the same mistake to avoid hating the product you selected. Carefully consider the size and shape of the pod or enclosure, so you don’t have to worry about doing a complicated maintenance job. As much as possible, you should clean the cabin or enclosure at least once a week to get rid of mildew and stains, most especially on the walls.

Once you have selected a product for your bathroom, make sure that you hire a professional contractor to install it for you to ensure that its free from leaks. Enclosures don’t take long to install, and they are very easy to set up. Shower pods, on the one hand, may require long hours to complete because of the additional plumbing work needed.


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