When you are getting your home properly insulated for energy conservation, then you have to make sure that you are getting it sealed properly from attic to the foundation of the house. there are a lot of points in the house that go unnoticed when you are insulating your house and paying attention to all these would ensure a fully sealed structure.

So let us take a look at these.

  1. Attic insulation

Attic insulation is something very important to consider to make sure that the home insulation installation is accomplished with perfection. There can be a lot of points in the attic that could go unattended so make sure that the loose fill installation or a batt installation is used in it.

  1. Duct insulation

If your house is a new one, you could get the ducts installed in a fully conditioned space to avoid any energy losses in the system. If it is an old one, then you have to seal and insulate it with perfection.

  1. Cathedral insulation

The cathedral ceiling insulation is also very important because this gives and extra space for the room temperature maintenance and when you have got it sealed properly, the room temperature would remain intact and it would take longer for the HVAC system to work on temperature maintenance.

  1. Exterior wall insulation

Once you have finished the proper insulation of the attic and the cathedral, the chances are that the interior of the house would become a lot uncomfortable according to the weather and you will have to get the exterior walls insulated as well. this one is a bit expensive one and you will need to hire the contractor to get the job done, but once it’s done, you will feel a huge difference.

  1. Foundation insulation

The foundation insulation is also very important and it helps in the lowering of the energy costs, it also helps in the maintenance of the temperature to one point and it helps fight the moisture too. So spending some amount on the insulation of the foundation is going to prove very beneficial to you.

  1. Basement insulation

The basement insulation is responsible for providing a conditioned space to the house and the HVAC system has to work very less on keeping the temperature in the indoors, constant. So get you basement insulated fully along with the exterior walls.

  1. Crawlspace insulation

The crawlspace insulation depends upon the ventilation of the space. You have to consider the fact whether its vented or not and after that your professional expert will tell you which type of the insulation is suitable for this space.

So you see, there are so many spaces in your house that require you to insulate it properly and they go unnoticed by us. Hiring the professional experts in this field, is going to be very beneficial for you and the longevity of your house.

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