Interior design is how a homeowner gets to express their personality and bring all those ideas into reality. It is said that we know of someone’s character and personality through their friends, but we beg to differ and redirect that belief that you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their abode. So, what does your home say about you?

Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to decorate our home this year going forward;

Make mixing and matching your go-to idea

Gone are the days that you just had to stick to only one style of design. Today, the mixing of sorts when it comes to home decor has proven more appealing. Just imagine mixing a Danish design and an Asian inspired creation, don’t you think that would be legendary? More so, very unexpectedly spectacular. The only thing you have to look out for in mixing designs is not to overdo it. Two or three designs are enough.

There is a class in simplicity

Picture this:

You have a living room with a plain lilac wallpaper, a comfy yellow sofa, an oceanic landscape painting hanging over the seat, and a mixed fabric throw blanket on its arm. There are also two cheetah-printed accent seats, a glass coffee table with a flower vase. The floor is spotless brown mahogany wood with a circular white fluffy carpet laid majestically to caress your feet. Can you already feel the warmness in this room? The secret here was that the designer aimed for simplicity by placing only what is necessary for the room. And if you noticed something else- mix and matching or material, fabric, and prints were in play too.

Add plants

Plants are the perfect embodiment of adding life into a room, so why not add a few of these beauties inside your home? The flora kingdom has so many varieties to choose from as you can choose to go with the gigantic plants that sit at the corner of the house or opt for the small and cute succulents that need little maintenance and can fit on any surface. You also have air plants, which you will essentially leave to hang at whatever spot you wish.

Keep electronics at a minimum

As technology advances, all the heavy machinery we used before has been reduced to small functional pieces. Take, for instance, television sets. There was a time TVs were bulky and needed a whole wall unit to hold them. Today, we have slim TVs that can be mounted on the wall and save you all that space the wall unit might be eating up. That said, go for such pieces that take the least space. Instead of a big home theatre with many connective wires, opt for a wireless surround soundbar, so on and so forth.

Closing remarks

If you use these tips, designing your home will be nothing but a breeze. More so, you shall create a space you are very proud of and happy be bring your folks and kin inside. So, take up and use them, they may seem like a few, but they go a long way.

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