Emergencies can leave us frazzled, shocked, or stunned when they occur. Rather than being a helpless victim during a crisis, you can be prepared if you take one simple step. Store these numbers in your telephone and give yourself peace of mind for anything that is coming your way.

1. Plumber

The last thing you want to do when you notice water flooding your home is to take time to find a nearby plumber. Be prepared for just such an emergency by having the number in your phone for immediate access.

2. Locksmith

Being locked out of a home or car can happen to anyone at any time. Keep the number of a locksmith company Orlando handy for just such an emergency. The technician can also help you change locks after a divorce or a home break-in.

3. Doctor

If an urgent situation occurs, you could find yourself in distress and unable to remember your doctor’s name or phone number. Storing the number under the title “doctor” in your phone can alleviate any problems you could have remembering who to call after such an event.

4. Poison Control

If you have children, keeping the American Association of Poison Control telephone number on hand can bring peace of mind. You never know what a child will eat that can be dangerous to his or her health, so be ready by locating the number before you need it.

5. Tow Truck

Having a tow truck number stored in your phone can help you be prepared if your vehicle ever breaks down while you are on the road. You may also require the help of a tow truck if you are ever in a vehicle accident.

Disasters happen to everyone, but you can be ready for such events. Store emergency contact information in your phone to save yourself time.

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