Every pet parent wants the best for their feline companion. So you make sure to take your cat to the vet when needed, keep him groomed, and make sure he eats only the best quality food to keep him healthy and happy.

Still getting up and opening the front door every time your cat wants to venture outside can get a little aggravating. That’s where a high-quality pet door comes in handy. Doors for pets are extremely popular and have quite a few upsides. In this blog, we’ll go into a few of the reasons you should consider a cat door or cat flap for your feline pal.

  1. To Give Your Cat Independence

Even the smallest door can give your cat the independence they crave. The best doors for pets will give your cat the ability to come and go as he pleases, instead of sitting meowing at the door until you realize he wants to go outside.

A high-quality cat flap installed by a reputable pet door installer ensures that your cat can get out to wander and hunt the way they were born to do. In addition, the more active a cat is, the less likely they are to have problems with obesity, so not only is it giving your cat more independence, but it’s also helping them health-wise when you call for pet door installation through a reliable service.

  1. Allows You to Leave Your Cat at Home

If you’ve ever had to go away for the day or even over the weekend, you’ve probably worried about leaving your cat inside for that long. With a cat door, you’ll be able to leave your cat for the day and not have to worry that he’ll have to stay cooped up inside the entire time.

However, it is important to make sure that the area your pet will be exploring is safe for him to be in alone. With a high-quality cat door, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing your kitty isn’t sitting inside bored while you’re at work all day.

  1. Eliminate Unwanted Odors in Your Home

From vinegar to cleaning the litter box daily, there are many ways to eliminate litter box odors in your home. In addition, having a cat door installed in your home makes it possible for your cat to go outside to do his business.

Of course, you still need to have that fresh, clean litter box handy for those times when your pet doesn’t want to venture outside as well.

  1. It Eliminates Boredom

When cats become bored, just as with other pets, they can become destructive. If you’ve ever come home from a long hard day at work only to find your cat has run through the house at top kitty-cat speeds and destroyed everything, you already know this.

On top of making your pet destructive, being bored puts stress on your feline friend that they don’t need. In fact, studies have shown that felines who are active have many fewer behavior problems than cats who just lay around indoors 24/7. A cat door can make sure that your cat gets out and isn’t bored while you’re away during the day.

Dangers to Watch For

As with anything else in a home, there are a couple of dangers of having a cat door that you want to be aware of. We’ll talk about a couple of those dangers in our next section.

Dangers to Children

One of the biggest things to keep in mind when it comes to the dangers of a cat door is that toddlers and small children can also fit through that same door. If the door is big enough, your toddler can easily slip through and become lost or injured. Therefore, it’s best to go with a smaller cat door if at all possible if you have toddlers or other small children in your home.

A traditional flap pet door is one of the more dangerous, while other types of cat doors are safer.

Dangers to Security

Another danger of a pet door is that the bigger the door, the bigger the risk of unwanted intruders getting into your home. This is especially true with the bigger doors. These dangers can be taken care of, however, especially by getting a smaller cat door. The dangers are more prevalent if it’s a larger door or a doggie door for a medium-sized to large dog.

Things to Consider

You’ll want to consider a few things before purchasing a cat door for your pet. The location of the door is important, as well as the type of door you purchase. You want to be sure that your cat can fit through the door without difficulty or the danger of getting stuck. You can do this by measuring your feline pal before you order the door.

Ensure that you purchase the right type of door to prevent rodents, other small animals, and intruders from wandering into your home as well. It’s also important to consider the weather in your area when choosing your cat door. After all, you don’t want the warmth seeping out of your home through the cat door when it’s 20 degrees and freezing outside.

Even with the dangers, which can be avoided, a cat door is a great idea for your feline pal. It not only saves you countless trips to the door, but it also helps your cat from being bored.

Schedule Your Pet Door Installation Today

These are a few of the reasons that you should install a pet door in your home today. From giving you strong peace of mind to ensuring your cat gets the exercise he needs, it’s just a good idea. For more information on the type of cat door you need, visit our website today for help.

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