Every house needs a good hangout spot — something more than a couch and a television. Regardless of your home’s setup, you can do something to create a good place for entertaining friends (or even just relaxing by yourself). Here are two ways anyone can transform a normal room into a great hangout space.

Have a Ball

Like a full-sized fridge and a sink clearly denote a kitchen, putting a pool table in any room instantly declares it as the archetypical hangout spot. The ultimate at-home social accessory, pool tables are great for any age. Billiards games are good for chatting with friends or for fostering competition.

Just make sure to hire pool table movers Durham NC when you move it into your home to keep both you and your pool table safe. Did you know billiard tables have slates beneath the felt that are very fragile? Not only do you need to be careful with them, but the slates typically weigh several hundred pounds, which explains why your pool table is so much heavier than your other furniture. Professionals will know how to properly disassemble a billiard table and move it safely.

Right on Target

Like a billiard table, a single dartboard can host various games, each requiring different strategies. A dartboard is the perfect add-on to any living space for socializing, because it can be placed in a full arcade room or a studio apartment, and it’s just as fun either way. It can also add a bit of decorative flair. You can either accept that you’ll be putting holes in your wall, or you can take advantage of styling options to create a dart-catching backdrop.

If you have the space and the funds, a billiards table  makes for a great go-to hangout space throughout your life. For another challenging game that your friends will want to play over and over, get a dartboard. If you add these accessories to your home, you’ll create many friendly wagers and memories over the years.

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