Updates To Your Kid’s Room 2020

Your child has outgrown the decor in their bedroom, again. You feel like you’ve just gone through the process, but it’s time to do it all over. They’re begging you for something different, but your creative juices are drained. And that’s where we come in. If you need a little inspiration to update your kid’s room in 2020, here are […]

Understanding How Modular Homes Work

You may consider buying a home that is currently under construction. Watching each step carpenters and bricklayers take to build your house can be an exciting time for you. You may feel inclined to imagine how impressive your spacious living room will be or feel motivated to create the perfect garden you always wanted. Most homeowners will buy a house […]

Creative Green Architecture

Architecture doesn’t have to be all concrete boxes and glass towers, just like not all progress has to be bad for the environment and not all development is detective. Here are just a few ways that creative architecture can build a better, greener world. Repurpose Building a house or building creates a huge carbon footprint, by its very nature. Especially […]

Illegal Dumping of Junk And Waste

While it may seem like a simple solution to a waste problem, illegal dumping is not as harmless as one may think in the moment. This fast growing issue plaguing the United States not only has a major negative impact on the environment, it can also have a devastating impact on local wildlife ecosystems. Some folks may be partaking in […]